Sojin Amaro
Captain in the Amestrian State Military
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Sojin Amaro was born to Tenzin Amaro, a former Lieutenant Colonel in the Amestrian State Military. His father was a seasoned veteran and very competent Alchemist when the Ishval Civil War broke out. Unlike the other State Alchemists, his father had been sent into the conflict early to replace an officer who'd been killed. Alongside his men, he fought the Ishvalans. During the battle, he had to endure watching hundreds of his men die in combat. After the battle, he had what's now known as PTSD (Post Traumatic Distress Order) and was dishonourably discharged from the Military afterwards for refusing to fight any further. When Sojin was but a young boy, his father decided to teach him Alchemy. Sojin was no patient learner and so he only learned the basics. When he came of age, he joined the State Military as a private and later worked hard to train in Alchemy at the Amestrian State Military Academy. During his spare time there, he would practice Alchemy and firearms skills. He is one of the best sharpshooters in the acadamy (and good at using firearms in general) and decently good at Geological Alchemy.

Sojin Amaro
. Captain Nathan Hale by comic chic
The Noble Warrior

Captain in the Amestrian State Military

Learner of Geological Alchemy
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Born During the 1930's
Family Mother: Amara Amaro

Father: Tenzin Amaro

Status Alive, single
Eye Colour Dark Brown
Hair Colour Brown
Height 6'4"
Affiliation Amestria

The people of Amestria
The Amestrian State Military

Weapons A sniper rifle and dual pistols.
Home Amestria, The Amestrian State Military Academy (Partially)

-All soldiers and citizens of Amestria. -

Enemies Enemies of Amestria


He is a hardworking and duty-driven man, a patriot one could say. However, since his father was disgraced and was shamefully forced from the Amestrian State Military, he has worked and fought hard for his country, hoping to one day regain his family's honour. He is an impatient man, a person who'd rather do first then think.


His dog tags.


■Some Geological Alchemy (The basics)


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